Monday, August 3, 2009

Intresting article on Ally Bally and Lorraine Stevenson

Read this, i wonder how many of the staff at tay have endulged into this ah so is this how you keep your job at radiotay? Sleep with the Managing Director? At least now with Gary Robinson taking over no chance of that happening since the new MD is gay. I really don't see what Lorraine Stevenson sees in Ally Bally, i wonder if that's why he axed Shez, coz she wouldn't bed him? Ally you're a pig by the way next time i e-mail you on behalf of a fraile old man, you e-mail me back, or i will post about you again. He can't even see what his lovely company have done to his station and that's ruin it.

For those who can't be bothered copying and pasting here is the article

Exclusive: DJ's Lover Is Sacked In Radio Station Shake-up

Jul 19 2009 Amy Devine ; Ben Spencer

A RADIO boss has lost her job while her star DJ lover was promoted to a top post.

Lorraine Stevenson, 49, was made redundant as programme director at Radio Tay while Ally Bally was put in charge of Tay AM station's parent company.

Last night, Ally - real name Arthur Ballinghall - denied he was responsible for sacking his lover.

The job blow came as her divorce from photographer John Stevenson was made final last week.

Lorraine and Ally, who have lived together for two years, front a TV ad campaign for a popular caravan park.

Ally, 56 was managing director at Tay FM but is now in charge of all AM stations owned by broadcaster Bauer.

He revealed Lorraine was made redundant after a failed bid to secure his old job. But he added: "I did not tell her the news because the station is no longer within my remit."

The couple met at the station which Lorraine joined 17 years ago while Ally was a DJ.

Mum-of-one Lorraine split from husband John two and a half years ago after 27 years of marriage.

She then moved in with Ally, who had already split from wife Helen.

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  1. Well, well, well, what do we have here an article on that skanky managing director hmm so not impressed. It looks like the tay staff bed hop lets bring back shez